Symbolic collection

Play by her rules

Now you can be a designer end create your own model!

Be Unique!

Everyone has a special symbol that mean something big in her life- a number, a letter, a name or a figure. But what we do when we want to wear this symbol for luck or as a reminder of a special moment/ person in our life?

We create then our jewelry with this symbol – a necklace, a ring or a bracelet! As you wish! Because you already can be a designer with us.

For the best time of the year, which is not a single day, but a whole season

Christmas is here!

Christmas is a celebration of the heart, because it’s the time when we gather the whole family and it warms us inside, when outside is cold. But Christmas is already a whole season, because the Christmas spirit feels in the air since early November, and the joy of the gifts we receive has its echo at least a month after Christmas.

It’s time to choose for our beautiful women – a girlfriend, a mother, a sister, a wife, the present that will be the reason for her smile one whole year…until next Christmas.

DSC_8894 as Smart Object-2
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