You can be a designer and create your own model

Everyone has a special symbol that mean something big in her life- a number, a letter, a name or a figure.But what we do when we want to wear this symbol for luck or as a reminder of a special moment/ person in our life?

We create then our jewelry with this symbol – a necklace, a ring or a bracelet! As you wish! Because we can do it now.

P.S. Minimal encourage you to be unique and to wear your significant symbol. How could you do it?

1. Contact us

2. Tell us your idea

3. We will prepare a design

4. And after we discuss the design together, the model will be created specially for you.

5. You receive your hand made symbol made for you.

T-shirt with your story

In P.S. Minimal we like to wear things that are specially made for us and that reflect our story and character. Therefore we present here one more project that is a great present for a friend or for you by you. Astro T-shirt is a t-shirt/top, who has printed your natal chart in a very sophisticated form, so that only you can read the details on it. In the same time you wear something completely unique – your life and events. On the label we put your date of birth in a way only you can read the symbolic.What are the steps?

1. Contact us

2. Send us your birth date.

3. We will make a design.

4. Then we make your own T-shirt.

5. We pack it in a special box and a message about your natal chart has been written by a professional. And we send it to you.